About the Jacksonville Beekeepers Association

Mission Statement

Development and promotion of practical beekeeping methods; To act as an educational resource in the development and promotion of beekeeping for the public and community; and To represent the best interests of Jacksonville beekeepers in government matters.

Benefits of Membership

Network with Local Beekeepers

Low Cost Rentals of our Extractor Equipment​

Find Local Suppliers of Bees and Supplies

Learn More About Bees, Honey, Wax and Related Topics to Improve Your Skills

Free Mentoring Sessions at our Apiary

Become Listed on our Website Swarm Removal List

Advertise your Bees or Beekeeping Products/Services on our Website


To Join, Complete the Membership Form Below and Mail it in or Bring it to a Meeting



Who is the Jacksonville Beekeepers Association?

Several  of our beekeepers are involved with public speaking and are available to speak at community events about the importance of honeybees in out environment.

Some of our members also participate in "swarm collections" and relocation of unwanted honeybee hives.  

We are also proud to be an Exhibitor at the Jacksonville Agricultural Fair each year where our members talk about bees with fair attendees, participate in a honey and wax competition and sell honey either from our apiary or other local suppliers.  

Being a beekeeper is a challenging and rewarding experience.  


We appreciate your interest and hope you will consider joining our association and learning more ways you can help 
encourage survival of the ever important honeybee in our environment.

You do not need to be a beekeeper to join and guests are welcome to attend our meetings.

JBA Officers 
Carol McBryde
Vice President:  
Donald Young
Desiree Haubner
Carol Bunker
 Sargent of Arms:
 Mark Printz
JBA Volunteers
Apiary Manager:
Michael Leach
JBA Facebook:
Becky Hamilton
Desiree Haubner
Kathy Johnson