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The Jacksonville Beekeepers Association was founded in 2010 in an effort to provide support to local hobbyists and professional and beekeepers. New and experienced beekeepers come together to help each other with questions, concerns and other beekeeping related challenges. Equally as important, is the role we provide to our community. Through our efforts to provide education to the public, we are securing the important role honeybees play in our environment. A strong and active club is the key to this success!


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Benefits of Membership


  • Network with beekeepers (hobbyists & professional)

  • Monthly educational meetings

  • Discover local and statewide beekeeping events and activities

  • Ask questions about your beekeeping adventure

  • Buy or sell beekeeping equipment or bees

  • Become knowledgeable about current research and production practices

  • Keep current with local and state beekeeping and honey regulations

  • Hear guest speakers with noted titles, experience, or published research
    related to beekeeping

  • Help promote beekeeping in Duval County and your local community

  • Enjoy hands-on experience from mentors and experts in beekeeping at our club apiary

2023 Officers 

John Boeckstiegel lll
Vice President:  
Richard Burna
Lori Hart

Carol Bunker
Sargent of Arms:
 Earl Braddock

Apiary Manager:
Michael Leach

Assistant Apiary Manager:

Don Young

Membership Application
Select an item ($)

Form and payment can also be mailed to:

Jacksonville Beekeepers Association

PO Box 2923

Jacksonville, FL 32203

Membership Form

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