Meeting Location:  City of Jacksonville
University of Florida IFAS Extension Office
1010 N. McDuff Ave Jacksonville,  FL   32254
Welcome to the Jacksonville Beekeepers Association.  We meet the third
Monday of every month at 7 p.m.  Guests are invited to attend our meetings.  
Please contact us for additional information.
Jacksonville Beekeepers Association
Mission Statement
Development and promotion of practical
beekeeping methods;
To act as an educational resource in the
development and promotion of
beekeeping for the public and community;
To represent the best interests of
Jacksonville beekeepers in government
2015 JBA Officers

President  :Bob Poteete

Vice President:  Kevin Hodges

Secretary:  Stephen DuBois

Treasurer:  Carlos Hart
April Quick View
8 Frame Hives Auction
2 separate Hives/Auctions
Each Hive Has:
1 Screened Bottom Board
1 Brood Box
3 Medium Supers
1 Inner Cover
1 Telescoping Top Cover

Auction CLOSED
Tues March 24, 2015
Rosemary Ennis
Scott Crawford
Hive 1 (L)   WINNER    $ 65.00
Hive 2 (R)  
 WINNER    $ 60.00
22 -- Earth Day Events