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Club Equipment Rental


 Price for extractor is $10 per day and the tub is $5 per day.


Contact: Kevin Hodges @ 904-251-5444












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Lark Bee Company


1638 Camden Avenue

Jacksonville, FL  32207


Beekkeeping Kits order online at:


Local Suppliers of Honey Bees and Queens

Warren Morris
Email: thebeeman314@gmail.com
 Selling Nucs $130
Available Now 
Paul Murray     Bee-Pa Honey
13839 Lem Turner Road
Jacksonville Fl 32218
Taking Orders January 2020
Nucs for Sale
John Graf
(904) 610-3470
Email: missbeehaven4@gmail.com
Taking Orders January 2020
Nucs $145 ready late March, early April Packages $125 ready March 18, 2020. 
$30 Deposit to confirm
Josh Grantham
Available April 2020
Text order or Leave Message